About the company

As an official partner of PJSC KAMAZ, "Kama-LKW" LLC is focused on promotion, sales, and growth of KAMAZ market share in the sector of commercial equipment and special-duty trucks. Our enterprise profiled on the manufacture and installation of vans, hydro boards, refrigeration heating equipment. The product line of the company includes vans, trailers, refrigerators, equipment for emergency services, solutions for gas and oil industry, multi-purpose workshops, repair and evacuation equipment, mobile control points. We offer mechanical updates and customization under the requirements of the customer.


Kama-LKW was established on December 25, 2016, but thanks to the robust turnover and broad specialization, we quickly gained the status of a major manufacturer of specialized equipment.

Contact us if you need professional development, design, and individual assembly of commercial and special-purpose trucks. Our practical experience and active financial support of the largest leasing companies allow us to offer our partners the lowest prices for our product. We are flexible in questions of customization, pricing, and delivery terms, which is ensured by the status of the Manufacturer of Special Equipment (ZIST).

1 474
delivered in 2017
1 687
delivered in 2018
1 217
delivered in 2019

We offer

  • Branded service
  • Leasing
  • Dealer Centres

LLC "Kama-LKW" offers to use the service of equipment delivery across Russia, including regions with underdeveloped transport infrastructure with the lowest material costs.

Each car delivered to the customer is insured before transportation and undergoes pre-sale preparation with a full technical inspection. Types of delivery:

  • Trailer delivery
  • Delivery on their own weels

LLC "Kama-LKW" offers its client various types of car modifications:

  • Installation of PTO box, SAC - spare wheel holder, generators, radiator, fuel tanks, etc.
  • Cabin transfer;
  • Installation of tachographs, cigarette lighters, sleeper, freelance chair, navigation systems GPS / GLONASS;
  • Refinement for operation in cold climate conditions.